Meet the Blue Lynx team

We present you the BlueLynxians. A colourful mixture of qualified professionals, who all happen to love good food, sunsets and having fun.


  • Tina -

    #MotherOfBlueLynx #CEO #Go-Getter


Tina is an expert in talent acquisition. She is a natural innovator and well known for her formidable business savvy. After 30 years of doing business in The Netherlands, Tina ‘gets’ how to get things done and is a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration for her team and clients alike. She is also a walking repository of brilliant HR anecdotes. Most impressively, Tina has raised a stunning son and the world’s most energetic dog (aka the Blue Lynx Branch Manager). Her warmth and energy light up the room and she loves nothing more than a good laugh with close friends.
  • Toine -

    #Dr.Tony #KaraokeMaster


Toine has over 20 years of commercial experience in a wide variety of branches. His work made him travel the world and do business in different cultures. Toine lives in The Netherlands but travels to Bulgaria often to meet with the teams, clients and the local restaurants in Sofia and Varna. He joined the team to support Blue Lynx during the phase of rapid international expansion. Building international organizations and sales teams is his passion. He calls himself “Doctor Tony” when it comes to finding solutions to difficult challenges. Toine can think 7 steps ahead and speaks Dutch, English, German and is learning Spanish. He loves the good team vibe within Blue Lynx and never misses the team parties. Toine loves his classic motorcycle, playing the piano, singing karaoke and cooking for his family and close friends.
  • Arla -

    #HRQueen #MissChristmas


HR Manager
Arla is a hoot. She is a comedienne which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the field of HR. Her unique method, unwavering professionalism and dedication to Blue Lynx and our clients and employees alike is what sets Arla apart. She has been a great asset since her first day here at Blue Lynx. Arla brings diverse sector and discipline experience with her, making her a dynamic and commercially minded HR professional. A real “spider in the web”, her mother hen approach is invaluable both in the office and on site. Originally from Canada, Arla has called The Hague home for over a decade. She actively volunteers in her community, loves making every holiday special for her teammates and loved ones alike. She is the epitome of work hard and play hard.
  • Teodora -

    #RecruitmentLover #Motivation #Leadership


Recruitment Manager
Teodora is a professional who started her career at Blue Lynx years ago as an intern. Being driven and passionate about recruitment and helping candidates get their dream job and clients fill in their most challenging vacancies, she progressed very quickly. Currently, she is managing the Recruitment team at Blue Lynx and is even more motivated by seeing people learn, develop and grow. While being a Manager is her primary function, Teodora also enjoys cooking and bringing happiness to other people by sharing delicious treats.
  • Denis -

    #NatureLover #OutdoorEnthusiast #SalesPartner


Senior Sales Manager
Denis has worked in the HR industry for more than 4 years, gaining experience in Sales, Business Development, Business Process Outsourcing and Leadership. Currently working as Senior Sales Manager for Blue Lynx, Denis is known for his can-do attitude and honest approach. His permanent focus on the long term relationship can help your business grow. Out of the office, Denis loves to spend time with his family and friends. He is a nature lover and a hiking enthusiast. His inspiration is a work-life balance and happy clients.
  • Radina -

    #Numbers #Ambivert #Music


Finance Manager
Radina is the Finance Manager at Blue Lynx and loves helping people getting their numbers straight. To. The. Cent. This has been her main focus since 2014 while working in the finance field for the Australian and the UK markets. She's a person with a strong sense of responsibility and is always happy to be of help. The light form of OCD and love for accuracy only add up to her character and help her grow in the world of numbers and excel sheets. Radina loves dancing and listening to music. It might not show every time, but she always has a song in her head. Going to rock concerts or dance festivals is always fun. Her other hobbies include travelling, going to the beach, hiking and camping. In the not so good weather, she loves being with her friends, playing charades and having a laugh.
  • Tihomira -

    #RockStar #CatLover #CraftsWoman


Business Manager
Tisha is experienced in Sales and Administration. Driven by the dedication to help people, she takes pride in providing the best Customer Experience possible. Her goals include helping people find their dream jobs and spreading the word for Blue Lynx. In addition to her primary job functions, Tisha has been recognized by her co-workers for her extraordinary commitment to excel spreadsheets, coffee and craft beer.
  • Veronika -

    #SalsaLover #EnergiserBunny


Recruitment Consultant / Project Manager
Veronika has over 10 years of experience in the Hospitality and Customer Service industry in the United States. Recently moved back to Bulgaria, her bubbly and energetic personality and expertise have led her to Blue Lynx’s doors as a Project Manager of the Sofia office. She has great expertise in client relations and understands what people’s needs are. Her commitment to excellence and perseverance to “get the job done, no matter what” is what drives her and what motivates others. She speaks a few languages, loves to travel and explore new cultures, and constantly expands her horizons. Out of the office, she spends time outdoors, loves to dance Salsa, loves to socialise, and is always the energiser bunny in any gathering.
  • Yasen -

    #RecruitmentMaster #NatureLover #OutdoorEnthusiast


Team Lead and Recruitment Consultant
Yasen holds a bachelor’s in Psychology and is a research-master in Behavioural Sciences with currently on-going PhD in Medical Psychology. With a broad experience in different office-based positions, he has also gained valuable real-life knowledge about how people behave in such an environment, which is at the core of recruitment. As a Recruitment Consultant, he helps both companies and candidates to find their desired match and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve that process for all parties. With a strong interest in empirical measurement and the use of data to support decision-making, he would also be emotionally supportive and aware of people’s needs and drives. Most importantly, he is fun to be around, loves (almost) all animals and spending time in nature.

HR and Finance

  • #CatLover #EnthusiasticBaker #TeamPlayer


People Operations Assistant
Svilena joined the Blue Lynx Team as a People Operation’s Assistant. She has grown up in the UK and gained valued experience within the customer service sector for the last 6 years. This has helped her establish her love for helping and guiding people. There is no challenge that is too hard for her and cannot be solved with a bit of patience and the right mindset. She considers herself a team player and is always up for learning and improving her skills. Svilena loves all animals, but can hands down say that chickens and cats are her favourite. When she is not working, her hobbies include reading, spending time with friends, travelling and experiencing new cities and cultures.
  • Veneta - Blue Lynx Careers

    #Creator #FantasyReader #PuppyLover


HR Operations
Veneta is a pedagogy graduate with a Master's degree in Pre-school and Primary School education. She is in the HR Operation Department of BlueLynx and loves to help people and support the employees and her colleagues. She has worked in the Human Resource sector for the last 7 months including international companies in Seafarer’s recruitment sector. She is a team player and always ready to help. She loves to work with people all over the world and is always ready for new challenges in her career.
  • Beatrice -

    #DogLover #Traveller


Finance Assistant
Beatrice joined the Blue Lynx Team as a Finance Assistant. She has worked in the finance/administration arena for the last 6 years, including an international experience in Switzerland, Monaco and now the Netherlands. Being a versatile and enthusiastic individual, she takes pride in being a team player and feels that these are the biggest strengths in her professional life. Outside of the office, one of Beatrice’s favourite things to do is to travel to Switzerland and Mauritius as often as possible in order to visit her family and friends. A huge dog lover, her little furry friends named Basil and Olive are the center of her world. In her opinion curling up on the sofa watching horror movies with a big bowl of popcorn, and maybe a cheeky glass of wine, is an evening well spent indeed.
  • Katerina - Blue Lynx Careers

    #FoodLover #PilatesEnthusiast #ItalyLover


Finance Assistant
Katerina has worked in the Accounting/Finance area for about 20 years. With a broad experience in different positions, she has also gained valuable expertise to liaise with external institutions, clients, and suppliers, in controlling and processing monthly timesheets and reports. Kate is positive and helpful and loves logic and analysing data. Outside of the office she enjoys spending time with her two sons, travelling and meeting friends.
  • Max -

    #SportsFan #TikTokKing


Expense Controller (On Erasmus Programme)
Max is the youngest team member and hopes one day to follow in his moms’ footsteps and own his own company. He is studying International Business Administration (IBA) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Hard work is simply in his DNA - Max’s mum is the owner of Blue Lynx who also started working at the age of 17. Max has a flare for language, communications and finance. He currently is responsible for all in-house and external staffs expense claims. Sometimes he is really surprised as to how much our contractors travel everyone month for their work. Like most boys he loves Formula one, football and gaming.


  • Silviya -

    #TravellingEnthusiast #Adventurer #Explorer


Senior Recruitment Consultant
During the last semester of her Master's program in Communication & Information Sciences, Silviya joined Blue Lynx as a Recruitment Support Intern. These six months were enough for her to get so attached to the Blue Lynx family that she decided to stay. She loves the international environment at Blue Lynx, especially since she is an expat herself - Silviya moved from Bulgaria to the Netherlands six years ago for her Bachelor's degree.
  • Monika -

    #DogCarer #CutiePie


Recruitment Consultant (On Maternity Leave)
Monika has worked in the HR/Recruitment industry for 5 years. The main reason to start her professional development in recruiting is that she loves meeting new people and she believes that you can learn something new from every person you meet. As a Recruitment Consultant, she is passionate about assisting the business to choose the best addition to their team and at the same time helping people start or develop their career path. Outside of the office, Monika enjoys sports, good movies and lovely dinners with her family, friends and colleagues.
  • Yordan -

    #SportLover #Explorer #Mindfullness


Recruitment Consultant
Yordan is a goal-getter and a great team player who has been a professional athlete for over 10 years while pursuing 1 Bachelor and 2 Master Degrees. With previous experience in HR and Recruitment, he is one of the Recruitment Consultants on the team. Yordan has a passion for sustainability and healthy living, as well as for leading people towards their better selves. His biggest strengths are his thoughtfulness, attention to detail and his ability to understand others. Yordan’s hobbies include sport and reading, as well as travelling around the world since he believes that culture enriches you and broadens your perspectives.
  • Aleksandrina -

    #Traveller #DogLover #SummerGirl #Gin&Tonic


Recruitment Consultant (On Maternity Leave)
Aleks has worked in the Recruitment industry for more than 4 years, gaining experience in coordinating and delivering excellent services to mainly Dutch clients. While obtaining her Bachelor degree at IBMS in the Netherlands, she has studied and worked in Mexico and Canary Islands. She has a very curious personality and “can do” attitude, loves exploring and learning new things. Aleks is a social butterfly, has a passion for travelling and is greatly interested in languages, cultures, customs and cuisines. She speaks several languages and is eager to learn more.
  • #WineEnthusiast #GymAddict #TheLordOfTheRollerBlades


Recruitment Consultant
Kalcho is a very analytical person who loves to dig deep in his research which makes him a great talent sourcer. His uncommon approach to analysing data and finding unique talent is very valuable to BlueLynx. Kalcho is a very friendly individual and loves helping people find new opportunities. He has many interesting hobbies including rollerblading, swimming, wine tasting, and many more.
  • Nikoleta -

    #CoffeeEnthusiast #Bookaholic #SummerLover


Recruitment Consultant
With a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and solid experience in Customer Care, Nikoleta loves communicating, helping people and providing the best service. As a very social person, Nikoleta loves meeting new people, which brought her to Blue Lynx. Outside of the office, you can find her reading a book, spending time at the beach or with her family and friends.
  • Petya -

    #TeamPlayer #FamilyLover #FunLover


Recruitment Consultant & Contracting Expert
Petya joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Consultant & Contracting Expert. She has worked in the HR industry for more than 4 years, gaining experience in the Recruitment/Selection sphere and the Contracting/Administrations sphere. She has very good communication skills and loves building new relationships with different types of people. Her main pleasure at work is to find the desired match between companies and candidates: providing the clients with the right candidate at the same time helping people develop their career path. Petya strongly believes in teamwork and thinks that it is the best way to achieve excellent results. Outside of the office, Petya loves spending time with her family and travelling all over the world to discover amazing places and spectacular views.
  • Kalina -

    #TeamPlayer #FantasyReader #RecruitmentMaster


Recruitment Consultant
Kalina joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Consultant. After living and obtaining her Bachelor`s degree in the sphere of Human Resources and Business Management in London she decided to come back to Bulgaria and with pleasure to put all her knowledge into experience. She spent the majority of her career in the HR sphere, gaining experience in the area of Selection and Recruitment. Her passion is to help people and to provide the best service. Kalina likes travelling and building relations with different types of people. She also loves spending her free time with her family.
  • Adelina -

    #DogLover #SleepingBeauty #Introvert


Recruitment Consultant
Adelina joined the BlueLynx team as a Recruitment Consultant. She has previous experience in the role and is very passionate about it. Adelina loves communicating with different people, learning from them and helping them. Very open-minded both at work and in life, her main reason to join BlueLynx is that the company’s vision fits her own. Outside of work, Adelina likes staying at home doing things like writing, reading and painting. She is also interested in Psychology and people, understanding them, their needs and decisions. Adelina loves her family and her little brother Max- the dog, also known as “mouse” and every time she can she goes to her hometown to see all of her relatives – people and animals.
  • Silva -

    #PartyLover #OutdoorEnthusiast #TeamPlayer


Recruitment Consultant
After studying politics and law in Germany, Silva moved back to Bulgaria where she joined the HR industry, gaining experience in HR Administration, Payroll and Recruitment. She joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Consultant because she likes to work in a diverse, innovative, and professional business environment, where she could challenge herself and communicate with interesting people. Outside of the office she usually enjoys mountain hiking, airsoft shooting, archery, and snooker as well as going out, and visiting music festivals and concerts.
  • Krasimira -

    #SkiingPro #SourcingQueen #SurfingEnthusiast


Talent Sourcer
Krasi joined the Blue Lynx team as a Talent Sourcer to connect to people and change their lives for the better. After living and obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in the UK she decided to come back to Bulgaria and continue her life there, close to family and friends. She likes a challenge and uses her logic and creativity to solve everything that comes her way. Krasi enjoys a lot of things ranging from extreme sports such as skiing and surfing to creative writing, photography and a nice walk by the seaside. She loves travelling, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.
  • Gabi Georgieva -

    #CatLover #Traveller 


Talent Sourcer
Gabby joined the Blue Lynx team as a Talent Sourcer with Bachelor's degree in Tourism and a Master's in HR management. After her high school graduation, she decided to work and travel in the United States for three summers. She has experience in the Customer Service and Sales industry. Gabby is known for her outgoing personality, positive attitude and ability to understand others. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, loves visiting new places and simply adores cats.
  • Loreta -

    #TeamPlayer #CookingEnthusiast #FashionLover 


Talent Sourcer
Loreta joined the team as Talent Sourcer with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sales and a Master’s in HR management. She has over 10 years of experience in customer service, loves communicating with people and being helpful, which she finds very rewarding. Her motto is that with a smile and a positive attitude every problem can be solved. Loreta truly believes that great teams can make miracles for the organization. She has two children which are her life engine for personal and career development. In her free time, she loves to cook, meet friends, travelling, doing sports.
  • Ivanka -

    #Hiking #BunnyLover #SmileMore


Talent Sourcing Support
Ivanka is a Talent Sourcing Support at Blue Lynx. She gained most of her experience working in the Oil and gas industry as a Quality Specialist. Vanya has a keen eye for detail and is inspired by challenges and never intimidated by them. Outside of the office, she likes to spend her free time hiking with friends and family. Her undying love for bunnies, dogs, and a good day at the beach are just a few of her favourite things.
  • Joan -

    #MetalLover #CoffeeAddict #Workaholic


Team Lead (Colombia)
Joan began her career with event production, gaining unparalleled experience in the performing arts world, while also establishing herself as a respected cultural manager. Currently working as a Sourcing Team Coordinator (Colombia) at the Blue Lynx family, she is widely known for her mad love for coffee and a big smile. Born and raised a proud Venezuelan, she is now happy to call Bogota home.
  • Juan Felipe -

    #HumanSciences #F1Fan #Otaku

Juan Felipe

Talent Sourcer
Juan Felipe has worked in various areas of psychology, gaining unparalleled experience in the social field by helping others. Currently working as a Talent Sourcer for Blue Lynx, Juan Felipe is widely known for his passion, perspective and great expertise. While his global mindset has taken him around the world, he is proud to call Colombia home.
  • Juan -

    #SalsaDancer #Artistworld #Storyteller


Recruitment Consultant
Juan has experience in marketing and HR. He enjoys learning how different businesses work and expanding his knowledge. He enjoys working with people and always tries to understand how they think and act. Juan strongly believes in teamwork and thinks that it is the most important tool to achieve results. He loves spending time with his family and friends and has a lovely and energetic cat - one of the most important members of his family.


  • Samuel -

    #SalesPassion #PartyLover #FamilyOverEverything


Sales Manager
Samuel is a natural opportunity seeker, and a great team player. He has a passion for and experience in sales which led him to the Sales Manager position at Blue Lynx. His goal is to add a lot of value to the company and help it expand even more. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern State University in the USA, as he also fulfilled his dreams of playing collegiate and later on professional basketball. His hobbies include yoga, boxing and partying. He loves nothing more than his family.


  • Maya -

    #BreadBaker #PuzzleSolver #CraftsLover


Team Coordinator Digital Marketing (On Maternity Leave)
Maya joined the Blue Lynx Team to help communicate company messages across the sea of media channels. With a solid education in Informatics and a true passion for Marketing, she seamlessly merged the two into a Digital Marketing career. Maya has an eye for detail and likes to add a personal touch to everything she does. The Blue Lynx family won her over with their ``by the people for the people`` business attitude. Being a mom has unfolded her caring and helpful personality. She is now looking to help people advance in their personal development and bring out their best. To balance off the digital job, Maya enjoys off-grid activities like bread making, crafting, gardening, and puzzle-solving.
  • Milena -

    #SeaLover #PotterHead #Creator


Content & Digital Marketing Specialist
Milena joined the Blue Lynx team as a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and experienced in website optimisation, she loves creating engaging content and working on digital marketing strategies. Her favourite quote “Content is King” is what drives her to create compelling texts and messages. In her spare time, you can find her indulged in a classic novel or re-reading the Harry Potter series. A sea-lover with empathetic nature, Mimmy enjoys connecting with people and spending time on the beach.
  • Victoria -

    #CatLover #PhotographyEnthusiast


Content & Digital Marketing Specialist (On Maternity Leave)
Vicky is our in-house content writer and as such, she's passionate about crafting compelling texts that tell a story through clever, timely, relevant and useful content. She studied Tourism & Events Management in Chester, England. In the meantime, she spent a year working and creating happiness at Disney World, Florida. Besides writing, Vicky loves travelling, long-distance running, mountain treks, photography, dancing and singing. You can often find her binge-watching “Friends” and petting street cats.
  • Gabi Gileva -

    #SeaLover #BudgieOwner #Sci-FiFan


Recruitment & Marketing Support and Researcher
Gabby is part of the Blue Lynx team as a Marketing & Recruitment Support & Researcher. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and a Master’s degree in Management, she has worked as a receptionist and loves communicating with people. Kind and always with a smile on her face, she is a perfectionist and tries to do things right every time. Outside of the office, Gabby loves watching sci-fi movies, travelling, reading books, spending time with family and friends and long walks on the beach.
  • Image of Maria - SEO and Content Marketing Specialist at Blue Lynx

    #Introvert #DayDreamer #Peace&ArtLover


SEO and Content Marketing Specialist
Maria joined the Blue Lynx family as an SEO & Content Marketing Specialist. Her passion for writing and marketing has been sparked by her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Public Relations. Mia believes marketing shouldn't feel like marketing, so she strives daily to improve her professional experience and better engage with customers. Fascinated with human relationships/feelings and why people act the way they do, she also decided to study Psychology. Maria is hooked on aesthetics and odd paintings. When she's not busy saving the digital world, you can find her watching "Rick and Morty," fangirling over alternative rock bands, painting, adopting street animals, and dreaming about a home library like the one from The Beauty and The Beast.


  • Aneliya -

    #CookingEnthusiast #Familyfirst #Easygoing  


Recruitment & IT Support & Researcher
Aneliya is the Recruitment & IT Support & Researcher at Blue Lynx and loves helping people. Having to work in a multi-cultural environment and being a big-time team player, she strives to provide the highest level of support and assistance bringing more than ten years of office administrative/management knowledge and experience. Vibrant, committed, hardworking, self-driven and a decision-maker, she manages all business fundamentals with enthusiasm, expertise and dedication ensuring office operations run effectively and efficiently. While doing her primary job functions at Blue Lynx, she also is a dedicated mom to her 8 years old son, a loving wife to her husband and a caring pet owner to her two dogs – an American Pit Bull Terrier and Miniature Pinscher.
  • Borislava -

    #MusicLover #Photographer #Naturelover


Recruitment Support and Researcher
Boci is responsible, kind, reliable, friendly and organized. She loves to help her loved ones. When she does not spend her free time with family or friends, she is involved in music or photography. She also loves to travel to different countries. Boci has worked in various fields of work - such as the airport - another dream come true! She achieves her goals and dreams with ease. Boci has always dreamed of working in the field of Human Resources. Thanks to Blue Lynx, she achieved her dream and she is very happy to be working as a Recruitment Support and Researcher.
  • #YogaGirl #Psychologist #Naturelover


Recruitment & IT Support and Researcher
Kristina is Recruitment & IT Support & Researcher at Blue Lynx. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a currently ongoing Master's in Consultative Psychology. Passionate about helping people and providing the best Customer Support with over 6 years of experience. She has the natural desire to build knowledge. Her mind is always looking for connections—between ideas and between people. The more she can learn about them, the more connections she`s able to make. Krisi enjoys spending time with friends, reading books and travelling. Lately, she has developed an interest in Astrology and Yoga.
  • #Passionate #Results-driven #Doglover


Recruitment Support and Researcher
Ellie joined the Blue Lynx team as a Recruitment Support & Researcher. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands, she decided to return to Bulgaria in order to be closer to her family and friends, who she values and loves the most. She is a results-driven person and is very dedicated to solving any issues or obstacles that arise in the workplace. Ellie is passionate about helping people as well as expanding her knowledge and constantly improving herself. In her free time, she enjoys reading, horse riding, volleyball, playing pool and having a good laugh with friends. Her love for dogs is also incomparable.

Canine Management

  • Grace -

    #Woof #Woof

Grace Spring Evans

Barketing Manager
Grace is apparently a Whipador dog, but the Blue Lynx Team just see her as their 4-legged furry colleague! She is at Blue Lynx every day in her capacity as Branch Manager. What does she do? She entertains, she takes siestas, she eats, and most importantly she gets petted when we are having one of those “I need a furry friend`` moments. Grace joined Blue Lynx a couple of years ago after being recruited from a dog rescue centre in Granada Spain. She shares her private downtime with Tina (CEO) – who is her butler & PA.